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Recruitment is now OPEN

We're a kinda different guild. We have what most guilds don't have... we're a big goofy family! A bit nuts too. We may not be the BIGGEST guild on the server... we may not be the most active, we're NOT the best at everything, we may not be the most badass pvpers, but ya know what? We have each other and we have fun! We support each other in bad times as well as good. We bend over backwards for each other, we help selflessly. We give without expecting anything in return, and that... that's what really matters.
We are the embodyment of PATH from long ago, and a close family & friendship that will live for years to come.

Before you apply, please read over our guild rules/policies found here.

        Previous members of PATH do not need to apply! Simply state who you were in the guild. If I don't remember you one of the founding members will.

To anyone who was a member of Imperial Rising <IR> you too have a free ride by speaking to our council, we have former <IR> members in council.

lease visit our forums, New Applicants.
View the sticky thread application Application to Join.
Copy the questions and Paste into new thread and answer the questions.
  We will view and contact you ASAP.

***Must be 18 or older***

ALL NEW RECRUITS are on a 30 day probation period.



KayteeLox, Sep 4, 13 5:49 PM.

Our next Guild Meeting is THIS Sunday, September 8th at:
8pm Eastern / 7pm Central / 6pm Mountain / 5pm Pacific.

We will have this meeting in vent, if you don't have a mic, you can use the chat in Vent to communicate or guild chat in game. We also "meet" in Perdition's City Hall for meetings as well.

See y'all then!

New Mayor!

KayteeLox, Aug 14, 13 7:21 PM.


Please welcome your new mayor of Perdition!
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